Your Next Presentation: Pictures, Then Words

February 22, 2018


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By Dr. Paul E. Binford
President, Mississippi Council of the Social Studies 


Image Courtesy of the Library of Congress


In They Snooze, You Lose:  The Educator’s Guide to Successful Presentations (2011), Lynell Burmark offers an array of practical suggestions to enhance your next presentation.  In the book’s formatting, Burmark clearly practices what she preaches!


This presentation guide is user friendly.  Each couple of pages of text are followed by a practical activity to involve the reader.  For example, open up one of your existing slide presentations and count the number of words on a typical slide or—better yet—count the words on each slide and divide them by the number of slides in the presentation (excluding the title slide). 


What is the average number of words you use on a given slide?


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